Cub Meets Some More Famous People

I've got a lot of your stuff in my room at home!

You are a lot bigger in person!

Do Tiggers like honey, too?

No, Tiggers don't like honey!!

Donald and Daddy are always looking for a photo op!

Boy that Golden Dreams movie was nice, but I can't wait for that new Mermaid attraction! 

Boy it's hot out here!

Time to cool off again in Grandpas' pool.

Grandpa Tom explains why the Aloha Shirts are cool!

Time to have some more good food!

These are nice sunglasses Grandpa Hugh, Thanks!

Caught in the act of hiding the body!

Playing in my jumper is one of my favorite things to do!

Now for some air time!

Now I'm in control of the TV remote!

Monkey see Monkey do, but who's copying who?

I have as much fun under it as I do sitting in it!

Now time for a nap with my Daddy!


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