Leo Celebrates His 1st Birthday!!!!!

Boy, its early.  I better get ready for the party!

Just helping Mommy and Daddy put away the Christmas decorations and clean up for the party!

Aunty Jen made special cakes for my special day!

Mommy, I'm a big boy now.  Do I really need a bib?

I'm sensing a theme to this party.

So this is what they call cake!

Now I see why everybody likes cake!

Aunty Jen's cake is tastes great!

I think I got something on my finger.

I told you, Mommy, I didn't need a bib!

After knocking off Daddy, 

now I'm the only photographer in the family! 

I like playing with Ben!

If I get enough balloons together, I should be able to float away!

Boy, that was a great day! Can we do it again tomorrow?


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