Welcome back !

That was some night! 

That is one Big Bird!


Daddy got to see me everyday when he had to go to Bulgaria for work...

And this is how I got to see Daddy everyday.

I got to go to DCA with Mommy, Benjamin, and Aunty Jen. Who's that guy taking the picture?

I love Mickey ice cream!

Oooooohhhh Brain Freeze!!!

Let me just change the combination and not tell anybody!

That's one big piece of garlic!

Now this garlic thing is starting to get a little weird.

This artichoke ride at Gilroy Gardens is fun and Mommy hopes I'll like artichokes anyway when I grow up.

These are jelly fish, Mommy.

This floor's bouncy!

 We don't need a stroller.  I can walk everywhere!

On second thought.

Mommy introduces me to Shamu.

That is one big whale!

You mean I get to touch the stuff in this tidepool?

Are you sure there's no killer whales in here?

Time for a Mommy kiss.

Daddy and I talk about how much we miss Grandma Kiyoko.


Please come back real soon for more Cub adventures!