Leo Goes On His First Disney Cruise!

A quick cat nap before I leave the US for my 1st trans-Panama Cruise

Mommy gives me a kiss before we leave Port Canaveral.

Boy this ship is nice!

It's really big too!

I'm not sure about going in there!

This place is very nice I think I'll stay here a while. I need a break from Mommy and Daddy.

Aunty Adrienne shows me the dinner menu.

My first country I ever got to visit was Aruba!

But it was nice to get back onto the ship!

Mommy got me up awful early to see us go through the Panama Cannel

Mommy is always making sure that I don't get sunburned.

One final kiss before we leave Panama.

Another quick breakfast and nap before my first visit to Mexico.

Boy its' hot here in Mexico!

This bed is almost as nice as the one at Saratoga Springs!

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