Leo Luster was born on January 14, 2008 at 12:42pm.

Leo's first picture!

Dr. Tittle and the team at Baldwin Park did a great job! 

Karin finally gets to meet Leo "Cub" Luster for the first time!

Yes, Bill, all babies look like Winston Churchill!!!!

Cub gets his first Mommy kiss! 

Grandma Kiyoko gets to meet Cub.

Cub get his first bath!

Grams get to see Cub take his first bath.

Heidi loves the smell of a fresh baby!

Dr. T introduces Grandpa to his newest grandson! 

Nurse Shirley help bring Leo into the world! 

Cub and Mommy finally gets some quiet time! 

Cub, Mommy, & Daddy, make three. Photo by Nurse Shirley.


Grandma Mary tells Cub why he should vote for Obama in '08!


Hugh wants Cub to be a New England Pats fan!

Auntie Leslie wants Cub to be a Michigan State fan!

A tired Mommy and Cub share some more quiet moments!

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